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Chanca Piedra – Phyllanthus Niruri Tea


Chanca Piedra – Phyllanthus niruri Tea | 20 Teabags | Herbal Cleanse Detox Stone Breaker

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Phyllanthus niruri Tea ( Chanca piedra, Keelkai nelli) 20 day Cleanse, 100 Teabags Phyllanthus niruri is a plant found in coastal areas. It’s also known as gale of the wind or stone breaker. Its leaves and fruit are used as herbal health. We source our plant from northern part of Sri Lankan coastal areas. Ingredients: 100% Dried Phyllanthus niruri Tea Cut Processing: Possible Green LTD is known for producing itherbs and teas under high quality condition and we have not compromised in this. Lifetone Phyllanthus niruri tea is processed directly from the carefully harvested Phyllanthus niruri plant that are dried at low temperatures, under the most hygienic condition and milled to bring out fine blend of tea. The tea making process is supervised by our quality assurance team which consists of experienced herbalists, botanists,phytologists and microbiologists. Packaging : The tea is packaged in 20 teabags and arranged in our branded pouches ready for drinking to promote healthy living in you. We make all our pouches with food grade, unbleached and recyclable papers to ensure environment, health and food safety.

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